Model school for girls

Elite Models Ukraine is a school of self-improvement and great opportunities!

If you have long dreamed of becoming a model and conquering the world’s catwalks, then to you to us!

Our subjects:

Defile is one of the main subjects of our model school. The main thing in the defile is a special technique of movement on the podium or stage. The model studies different styles of defile, model performances, turning points, various techniques of movement in different clothes: evening dresses, underwear, outer clothing, learn to master their body perfectly.

Photoposition is a subject that introduces the profession of a model and a photomodel. You will be taught to pose in front of the camera in different styles, to be natural and liberated. You will learn about different styles of photography to try yourself in models in each of these styles, work out your most winning poses and camera angles, pick up your style.

The theory of model business – you will learn what are the basic requirements to the model, etiquette, rules of behavior on castings and shows, work with model agencies, trends in the world of fashion and fashion industry.

Acting skills – reveals the creative abilities of the model, develops attention, imagination, teaches us to be liberated and act freely in front of the camera, at shows, presentations. It is studied acting skills, stage speech, facial expressions, scenic movements.

Choreography is a subject that allows you to learn how to perfectly master your body, be plastic and flexible, adjust your figure, be able to move in different directions of dance: classical, ballroom, modern.

Dietology- Your appearance is your business card! In order to be in great shape, our teachers developed a special program of training at home, as well as a nutrition program that meets modern and newest methods of dietology. This item will allow you to meet all the basic model parameters, be healthy, successful and self-confident. The teacher will give recommendations on fitness program, healthy nutrition. A special set of exercises is developed taking into account the features of the figure of each of the models.

The basics of make-up – the subject of how to properly care for the skin, hair, how to use makeup, hide flaws and emphasize virtues, the types of make-up and the technique of applying it, as well as practical exercises using the acquired skills.