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Model agency Elite Models Ukraine – a leader in the provision of services in the fashion-industry, not only in Ukraine, but also abroad!

What do we do and what model services we provide?

  • Fashion-industry and modeling is our sphere! Lots of creativity, professionalism, unforgettable shows, shooting, VIP-events! Working with us is easy and most importantly it is fun!
  • Showbiz! Who has not wanted to get into it? We can realize a dream. No, we are not magicians, just we are pros of the business which is very importante!
  • Organization of VIP-events! Your event will be held at the highest level!
  • The best clubs and restaurants are not a problem, we agree all! Famous pop singers – we can invite! Elite sponsors and partners of the event – we will find! Every problem is attainable with us!
  • Beauty contests and producing talents. Discover your talent with us!

Why working with us is for your benefit?

  • impeccable reputation;
  • absolute liability;
  • acceptable prices;
  • efficient execution of orders;
  • the goal will be realized in any case!

What can we offer you?

  1. Model School (defile, photo posing, the art of make-up);
  2. School of personality development (a beautiful gait, professional makeup, impeccable style, manners of a lady (etiquette);
  3. Children’s model school;
  4. Individual lessons;
  5. Portfolio (fashion photography, from 40 pcs.)
  6. The detailed design of the image (selection of styles: hairstyle, make-up, clothes – everything fits a particular way);
  7. Photo report of events, conferences, presentations, etc.;
  8. Professional models for fashion shows;
  9. Organization of VIP-events (corporate events, weddings, presentations, conferences, and more);
  10. Holding a private VIP-parties;
  11. Model-hostess (advertising, trade shows, corporate events, presentations, business meetings, etc.);
  12. Conducting business-events (negotiation support, training, meetings, seminars, business-party);
  13. The organization of mass events (promotions, flash mobs, promotional events, concerts);
  14. Participation in a TV show;
  15. Shooting movies and documentaries;
  16. Placing on the covers of fashion magazines;
  17. Participation in fashion shows;
  18. Rent photo studio;
  19. Contract work in foreign model agencies;
  20. Participation in regional / national / international beauty contests.

Agence Service

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