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Elite Models Ukraine

On the photo, she is a graduate of our model school, Natasha. This is the result of her first work and a very small part of what lies ahead.

At the end of the school “Elite Models Ukraine” you can get a professional portfolio (30 photos)

Become our student and you will receive a real key to Success!

Model school “Elite Models Ukraine” invites guys

Model school Elite Models Ukraine invites to the training of guys. The program of our 3-month course includes 5 subjects:

Acting skills
At the end of the course, each model will receive a professional portfolio and a Diploma.

Also have the opportunity to sign a contract for employment in other countries. Become the face of famous brands, walk along the catwalk in the collection of leading designers of the world.

New set of children

Is your child incredibly talented and artistic? Constantly spinning near the mirror and insanely loves to be photographed? You have a real Star!

Discover him the way to a world of bright colors and unforgettable impressions – the world of model business! Write it down for classes in the model school “Elite Models Ukraine”

We develop in children:

– self-confidence;

– the ability to own one’s body and move beautifully;

– interference with the audience;

– creative thinking;

Flexibility, plasticity, good posture

Our subjects:

  • defile
  • photoposition
  • acting skills
  • choreography
  • psychology
  • style
  • visage
  • theory of model business

We prepare children for work as a model, we involve them to participate in SHOWS, PHOTO AND VIDEO SHOOTING. Education in the school of models is useful for the child not only from the psychological point of view, but also from the physical, impeccable manner of holding – formed in childhood, useful in adult life. Children’s catwalk is an art that resembles a dance and a theatrical performance. Your child will become liberated, learn how to properly behave in public and will find one of the most important components of the image – self-confidence!

Elite Models Ukraine

Elite Models Ukraine is a school of self-improvement and great Opportunities!

If you have long dreamed of becoming a model and conquering world podiums, then to you! At the end of the course each model will receive a professional portfolio, a Diploma, and also has the opportunity to sign a contract for work in foreign countries. You have the opportunity to become the face of famous brands, to walk along the catwalk in the collection of leading designers of the world. Everyone who wants to touch the world of modeling and fashion, we invite to our school of professional modeling and personal growth. #photography #model #modelagency #elitemodelsukraine #dnepr #dneprogram #dnepropetrovs #vcso #followme #instalike #beautiful # dnepr # dnepropetrovsk # ukraine # guys

Фотосъемка для портфолио моделей Elite Models

Чудесное предновогоднее настроение и последний в 2017 году фотосет, фотосъемка для портфолио Моделей Elite Models Ukraine! Яркие фото, праздничные образы, немного обработки и профессиональное портфолио для дальнейшей работы готово! Только в модельном агентстве Elite Models Ukraine в программе обучения фотопозирование с практикой в форме профессиональных фотосессии! И это включено в стоимость обучения! Такого вы не найдёте больше нигде! Школа профессионального Моделинга и Личностного Роста Elite Models Ukraine ждёт вас!