Modeling school for boys

If you have the necessary data and are ready to tirelessly go to your goal, your dream will come true! You will become a successful model with our school Elite Models Ukraine!

In the school of models you will master the skills of defile, acting, learn the basics of photoposition, facial care, cosmetology, dietology. After graduation from the school, a professional portfolio is issued (30 photos) and a Diploma.

Model School ELITE MODELS UKRAINE prepares the guys for a progressive career in the field of modeling, after attending school each pupil will master six subjects:

Defile – the course includes an expanded overview of the skills of the model on the podium: the correct dynamics of the body when driving, working with hands, emotions, facial expressions and eyes. You will get acquainted with the inner etiquette of the fashion world at shows and castings.

Photoposition – our teachers will teach the basics of posing. Trying different image systems during the training, you will learn how to properly submit yourself and achieve the desired results.

Psychology – we will teach the correct behavior on the podium and photo sessions, self-confidence. The conducted psychological trainings and practical seminars are aimed primarily at making the path of personal growth, the most enjoyable and fascinating.

The basics of make-up – the course of cosmetology includes a lecture on the basics of skin care, the main skin problems in men and methods of fighting them (including healthy nutrition). You will receive personalized recommendations of a cosmetologist.

Acting skills – our teacher, a true professional of his craft, will teach you to invest in time, manage your emotions, stand out from the crowd and much more! And the trainings held in the class will help you to liberate yourself quickly, to declare yourself, to enter the role and play freely!

Style – an interesting and important subject, whose goal is to foster a sense of taste and style. Classes on stylistics include theory and practice on the history of the costume, types of styles and styles, the creation of various images.