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Professional fashion photo shoot in the studio “MALINA”

photo studioPhoto studio and photography portfolio

Portfolio is that everyone need!Сome in a photo studio “MALINA”

White interior
Professional photographer in Dnepropetrovsk with the interior zone “White World”. Rocker, white floor, table – we will do everything to create an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. Candles, vases, artificial flowers – all of these accessories can decorate your photos and give pleasant emotions you and your family.

Gold interior

Gold interior – a stylish area, with gold wallpaper, wrought iron curtain and white elements – all in order to make your photos look gorgeous, to give your special

photo shoot glamor and irresistible.

Interior zebra

Interior zebra: fashion zone in which any image to look stylish and stressed.

Very fashionable at all times an animal motif reflects the passion, fashion and beauty at 100%!

Red Interior

Red Interior: armchairs, fluffy carpet, soft teddy bear – just like in your favorite lounge for you to feel comfortable and can be sincere and direct at a photocall.
children’s interior

Children’s interior

Children’s interior – a lot of soft toys, shopping for kids, outer calyx, bright colors, white box and clouds – everything for your child to feel at home and was cheerful and active at a photocall.

New Year’s interior


  • Are you a professional model? Yes? Then you definitely need the Model Portfolio to work on.
  • You are a nice girl who likes to be photographed on the iPhone. Congratulations, you already have a small professional Porfolio.
  • You are still very young and beautiful. Do you think portfolio to you is nothing, and then what will you lay out in Instagram or Twitter?

 Why portfolio should be of high quality and beautiful?

  • If you are a model than the portfolio is your face. Clients dont see you, they see your photos. And, if pictures are neither, no one will notice you. Moreover you are easier to get a job in a foreign agency with smart shots.
  • If you are an ordinary girl and you think that professional photos from amateur is no different than it is not true. There is an essential difference: in quality! Think, what kind of pictures will you show to your friends, what kind of pictures will watch your children after many years. Are your photos taken with the phone fully reflect the beauty? This does not mean that amateur photos are bad, no, they are cute, emotional, but, believe, every girl simply have to be a couple of dozen gorgeous photos in the album.
  • You’re 14 or 15. You do not get over-quality photos. Do not understand the difference between “normal” photos and “unusual”, except for the fact that the first is free and the second is not free? The difference is in that an ordinary picture on display in the social network have 20 likes, and professional have 120. Just people do not like a bad photo. Imagine, how cool would it be that you expose photos and your popularity is growing. In the class discuss your pictures. Everyone is impressed. Can ordinary photo achieve such an effect?

It is simple – beautiful photos notice, ugly disregard. You choose!

Why it is profitable when shoot portfolio in a professional photographic studio “MALINA”?

  • We have affordable prices. We are a creative team that wants absolutely everyone can afford MEGA beautiful photos. You will not find such value for money in more than one modeling agency in Dnepropetrovsk!
  • We approach creative by shooting. This is not just a photo, such as “little old jeans and I am on the grass”. No, we carefully think over the image to the smallest detail.
  • All of photos in the portfolio meet the requirements of foreign agencies. If desired, your portfolio can be sent to one of them. The whole process of shooting portfolio controls Yana Stavitskaya who is modeling agency director, who making shooting in fashion-extravaganza.
  • As a result, you get no picture 5-10, as is usually the case, as much as 40 of processed photos, sometimes with creative color correction and design for fashion-magazine shoot.

Photographed or not – that is the question. Of course decide you.
But, remember, without a quality portfolio break into the fashion industry is more difficult than with him.

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