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Subjects that you will study in the model school Elite Models Ukraine:

1. Do not know anything about the profession? You think modellingu is an unfathomable dream? Do not worry, the lesson of “Fundamentals of modeling business” will help you to understand the structure of the fashion business, will shed light on the questions that you were hard to find an answer before. You comprehend all details of the model case. Just imagine, you learn a lot about the castings, the formulation and signing of the contract, the shooting portfolio (how many photos, what images, what must be in a portfolio and what should not appear in any case). And also a lot of useful information about the management, scouting. You also get the basic skills of the specialties: fashion model, model, Booker, Manager, Scouter.

2. You do not know how to defile? Embarrassed and get lost on the podium? This is absolutely normal, at first all afraid of something new! Lesson “Defile” will help you  certainly! You will get valuable experience, learn the proper model walk, your movements will become more plastic and more beautiful! We will tell you a lot about the diverse styles of fashion show (sports, classic, free, etc)! Also we open a little secret which relating the specifics of defile in Asia and Europe.

3. Do you feel uncomfortable in front of the camera, you do not know what to do or say? Lesson “Acting” will disperse all your fears! Mastery of mystifications and transformation from one image to another will power over you! You can easily:

  • to own facial expression in any situation;
  • to show the necessary emotions to the camera;
  • to gain a sense relaxedness and freedom during the presentations and surveys;
  • to get rid of complexes and stiffness;
  • to gain confidence in yourself!

4. You think yourself is screen badly. Constantly you are the same emotions on the pictures? You do not know how to be to emphasize your dignity? Then the Photo-class (theory and practice) is your lesson! A professional photographer will teach you all secrets of posing, will help to overcome the fear of the camera. A beautiful photographs simply destroy all your complexes! This course will enable you to quickly learn to control your body and face in photos and videos!

5. Do not know anything about cosmetics? Do not know how to do the right makeup? Shy too broad nose or cheekbones? Fine, lesson “Cosmetics and make-up” will help you see yourself in a new way! High cheekbones and nose can be corrected with the right superimposed tone and blush! The master in make-up will open to you many more young women’s secrets. Proper care of the skin, body and hair is your ticket to the world of health and beauty!

6. How to dress, to make it look fashionable and stylish? How to combine colors to be “Covergirl of “Vogue”? Lesson “Style” you can easily answer these questions! Clothes is individual self-expression. Imagelogy will help you learn the culture costume out correctly aesthetics accessories and lots more!

7. The key to success is communication! Yes, without communication anywhere. How to learn to talk to people, present themselves, overcome insecurities and complexes – the lesson of “Life” talk you about all this. Work out exceptional communication skills, learn to talk to people and hear them. This is very important in our profession!

8. “History of Fashion” – a fascinating course on the origins of the concept of fashion, the old traditions and new trends in fashion. He slightly open doors for you in the magical world of fashion trends, tradition and innovation.

9.Uhod for volosami.Kazhdaya girl, and even more so the model must be able to care for their hair, to be able to make a beautiful hairdo or just gently gather hair into a ponytail. In order for you to learn this, we have introduced a model of an intensive course subject “Hair Care”. This lady always looks at 100%!

10. All of the girls know the word “diet”. Of course you want to be in great shape, to feel cheerful and energetic. How did look perfect, while remaining healthy, without exhausting yourself endless denials in food. There is a secret: replace the word “diet” phrase “good nutrition” and you will see that life will change for the better. “Beauty from within” is the useful lesson for the body and soul! Find out the secrets of beauty, health and good spirits.

Your life will be filled with exciting adventures, new skills and knowledge.

It is a modeling agency Elite Models Ukraine where you can meet real friends that will help you realize all your dreams!

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