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Школа Йоги

You solve all your problems with yoga! Want to improve your physical and spiritual health. Then classes of yoga therapy will benefit you! Change your life for the better is a snap! It is important to make one step in the right direction. Come to us and we will teach you not only how to breathe, but also to think correctly.

What is Yoga?

  • Yoga is the one of the most ancient sciences of the world;
  • Yoga originated in India many thousands years ago;
  • Yoga tells us about life and death, sheds light on the questions that many people can not find the answer over a lifetime;
  • Yogas helping people find themselves  for centurie to understand his place in this life, to cope with the problems, to find spiritual balance;
  • Yoga is not the philosophy of the elect and enlightened people, it can comprehend even the most ordinary people, the main is desire!

How yoga can help me?

Problems in the family? Yoga is the one of the world’s oldest systems of personal development and the spirit, it will help to recognize the problem and deal with it. After all, the root of all our problems is in us! It is only up to us – whether we are happy or not. Do not waste your time – choose the right way.
Health problems? Yoga is a unique system of healing not only the spirit but also the body! A special system of feeding + exercise stress and the right thoughts help you improve your health!
The problem with being overweight! No more diets! Special exercises can help you to always keep your body in great shape!
Psychological problems? Yoga heals not only the body but the soul. If you change your outlook when will change your entire life. So hurry to change their lives for the better.

What is the essence of yoga?

  • The most ancient yoga master completely understand the essence of human nature, they knew exactly what people need in order to live in harmony with the environment and ourselves.
  • The philosophy of yoga supplies the secret knowledge from generation to generation for centuries that modern man could find so incomprehensible happiness in our crazy world.
  • The concept of yoga teaches the unity of the physical body, mind and soul as the true essence of the person. The activity, mental powers and emotion is the three forces that drive vitality. To make the formation is been of a holistic need to make these three forces are balanced.

Why do yoga at Elite Dance Studio is very convenient and profitable?

  • Reasonable pricing;
  • Convenient location;
  • Comfortable spacious room with air conditioning;
  • Experienced teachers;
  • The possibility of both collective and individual lessons!

Hurry to change your life for the better! Do not waste time in vain!
We have only one life and we have no right to be at least a second miserable.
Come to the Elite Dance Studio and open the door to the wonderful world of harmony and happiness with us!


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