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About our modeling agency!


For those who want to become a model.

Do you want to become a model? Do you dream to travel a lot and see the world while earning money?
Then modeling agency ELITE MODELS UKRAINE will help you to fulfill the dream!

We are waiting for you!

A dream of childhood.

As a child almost every girl flipping through fashion magazines with curiosity to looking bright and unusual images of the world-famous top models. Advertising of perfume, cosmetics, beautiful dresses from famous designers of world renown – all this hit the imagination of little girls and she mentally saying: “I want to become a model when I grow up!!!”

What is needed to make the dream become a reality?

Dear lovely girls, now you are in one step from the fulfillment of dreams. And you only have to gather the courage to take this step. Actually become Claudia Schiffer is not “unrealistic” as it seems at first glance. And you do not have to be very beautiful. Even the most ordinary girl can be on top of the world! This is not a joke, you need only – to want!

Complexes and how to get rid of them?

Many women suffer from own complexes, “not pretty, silly, my nose is crooked, wide cheekbones, not photogenic, and most importantly – I’m fat! How many times have each of us in his head to heard such phrases. Especially in front of a mirror!

Lovely girls, do not worry!

Everybody has complexes, even Cindy Crawford! Thus, the model school ELITE MODELS UKRAINE helps fight with complexes! How?

Everything is simple:

“I cannot get the beautiful pictures” – “we will teach you the correct pose for the cameras, skillfully emphasize strengths and hide flaws!”
“I’m shy, I am scared of a lots of people” – “especially for this we have introduced a course of psychology. The specialist will help each to understand ourselves and feel confident in any situation. ”
“I’m fat” – “do not worry, if you are unhappy with your weight, a course of “beauty from within” will help you get rid of extra pounds.”
“I have a wide face” – “everything is fixable, our talented visagiste will open to you the secrets of makeup and cheekbones shall be those which you want to see them!”
This is so easy and fast to overcome the complex which accumulated over the years!

What kind of girls can become a models?

Every girl who dreams of a podium wants to know what it takes to become a model. 90-60-90 is the first thing that comes to mind? Do not hurry with conclusions, because it is not the main criteria! If you have the willpower and you can lose weight and grow taller to doing certain exercises. But other very important qualities of mind overlooked such as resistance, tenacity, perseverance and, of course, the charisma that is the first assistant in the career of the model.

Why school «Elite Models Ukraine» – is the best choice?

You get a free portfolio and this is one of the primary assets of the model;
You will learn to eat right, so always be in great shape without much effort;
You do not just purchase a diploma from the school model, we provide job such as local shows, all-Ukrainian castings and even work abroad!
So, lovely girls, if you have chosen the profession of model that we will be happy to productive cooperation!

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For clients of modeling agency

Organize fashion events and would like everything to be at the highest level?
Need quality advertising to promote the brand?
Want to make the show and are looking for models who know their business?

Then you are our client!

Model Agency ELITE MODELS UKRAINE glad to cooperate!

In the field of modeling, we are your reliable partner!

Our modeling agency is developing steadily and constantly improving. Hold it right there – it is not for us! We believe: the movement is the foundation of life! Requires professionalism and beauty? Modeling agency ELITE MODELS UKRAINE at your service! We will be happy to provide models for any job. Only an individual approach to each client and success is guaranteed!

Provide a full spectrum of services for you:

– fashion shows;
– professional defile;
– filming commercials;
– magazine photography;
– photos from events, activities, parties;
– advertising in the printing industry;
– outdoor advertising;
– shooting in TV series and movie;
– hostesses;
– services stand staff, singers and dancers.

We Will hold your event at the highest level!

Everyone will be pleased!

It will be a bright, original and completely unforgettable!





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